Leaf & Brush Pickup

DPW: 624-3620

Brush Pick Up Service

WHAT: Brush (live or dead) maximum diameter 4 inches, maximum length 5 ft. Please do not mix any other material in the piles.

HOW: Must be neatly piled parallel to the road between the sidewalk and road, Not on the pavement or sidewalk.

WHEN: Weekly, starting April through September


  • Entire trees removed from yards by a private contractor or residents. This service is only for trimmings by residents.
  • Private Contractors have the sole responsibility for the proper disposal of their trimmings or removals.
  • Leaves/Yard Waste are not picked up in the spring/summer. If you have leaves/yard waste to dispose of please bring them to the compost pile at the Village DPW facility. Call 624-3620 for available times for disposal.

The Village shares a common brush pile with the Town of Mendon Highway Department on Semmel Road. If a resident has larger tree material to dispose of you may take it there. Call 624-6068 for available times.


We now offer, to all Village Residents, a truck parked at your residence if you have large quantities of brush to dispose of. We will park a truck in your driveway for you to load up and will pick it up the following day. We will also leave it on a Friday and pick up on Monday. Call the DPW for details at 624-3620 or view on our website under news items.

Leaf Pick Up Service

Roadside pickup for leaves begins the 2nd week of October and ends the week of Thanksgiving.

The Village staff has a route that starts on the West side of Main St and finishes on the East side. When a lot of leaves are out it can take us 3 - 4 full days to complete the route. At times you may have a pile for a week or more if are timing is different. Your patience is appreciated.


  • Leaves should be raked to the roadside.
  • Do not rake leaves into roads as drainage problems develop with any amounts of rain.
  • Help keep catch basins clear.
  • Long rows parallel to the road can be picked up much more efficiently then big piles.
  • Do not put sticks or garden debris in leaves as this can damage the equipment.

If you have garden debris, you can bring it to the DPW facilities on Ulrich Lane off Maplewood Avenue and add to our compost pile. Call 624-3620 for hours.