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Music & Movies in the Park

Join the Honeoye Falls Community Concert Band as we close out our 29th concert season with a performance at Music & Movies on Friday, July 28th in Harry Allen Park! The band will perform from 7:30 pm until dusk, followed by Trolls (2016). This event is free and fun for the whole family!

For more information, be sure to visit our website:

Good Vibes Flowing in Honeoye Falls

Phat Pocket-HFL Jazz Quartet - Tuesday Evening at Harry Allen Park in the Gazebo. You don't want to miss this one!
6:30-8:30 PM Bring dinner and a chair! Why stay at home on a Tuesday Night when you can hear incredible music for free in a great setting!

Honeoye Falls Fire Dept. Workshop - August 5th

The Village Board of Trustees along with the Honeoye Falls Fire Department Line Officers will meet on Saturday Morning, August 5th at 8:00 AM for a workshop to review equipment needs, building needs and long-term planning. This is a workshop only and while the public may attend, no public input or dialogue will take place. This is not a public hearing. We have scheduled this meeting in order to provide more time to the members to gather together without real time constraints. The meeting will begin at 8:00 AM and there is no ending time set at this point.

Meeting notices, legally need to be made when a quorum or majority of the Village Board meet for any reason. (Notice requirements may be different for emergencies). Because a majority of the Village Board will be present, the public must also be allowed to attend (room/space permitting).

Rick Milne, Mayor
Village of Honeoye Falls


Dear Residents;
The Village Board of Honeoye Falls has been contacted by local  residents living in the area of Hyde Park regarding safety concerns stemming from high speed drivers, erratic driving and a high rate of automobile accidents. Additionally, concerns for the safety of pedestrian walkers or bicyclers on Hyde Park, due to poor visibility at either end of this street because of the steep winding roadway have led the Village Board to consider various options for remediation.

After thorough consideration by the Village Board and discussion with our Highway Superintendent, we
feel the best option is to take the following action:

  1. Hyde Park is scheduled to be repaved/topped in July. We will reinstitute speed humps on the lower portion of the road at the time of repaving.
  2. The Village will consider making this a one-way road with the direction of travel running South to North (or from East Street near the school to North Main Street)
  3. Hyde Park will then be restriped as a one way road and the intent will be to stripe off a walking/bicycling lane as well.

We welcome your comments. Should you wish to send written comment, please send to my attention at the Village Office, 5 East Street, Honeoye Falls, NY 14472.

A public hearing is scheduled for the June 19 th Village Board meeting for consideration of this change.

Senior Citizens Group Day Trips

The Honeoye Falls/Mendon Senior Citizens Group announces two fun­filled day-trips this summer. On Thursday, July 20 we have been able to reserve up to 25 seats for a special lunch cruise at Watkins Glen on the 270-passenger Seneca Legacy. Four entree choices for lunch will be available, and entertainment by the Lou Ciccone Trio. Following the two-hour lunch cruise, our bus will take us to the Lakewood Vineyards for a wine tasting event, before heading for home, with a 7:00 pm arrival.
Cost for this event is $95.00 per person, with discounted pricing for HF/M Seniors. For further information, departure time, entree selection, and reservations, please call Ray Milne at (585) 624-4133.

On Monday, August 215\ we have committed for 25 seats featuring lunch at the Sherwood Inn, Skaneateles, with three lunch Entree choices, after which we will board our bus and travel to the 'Merry-Go­Round" Playhouse at Owasco Lake, Auburn, to see the hilarious play, "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas". We will board the bus for a return home, with a Thruway rest-stop if needed, or if some need refreshments at own expense. Arrival back in Honeoye Falls estimated at 7:15 p.m.
Please call Ray Milne at (585) 624-4133 for further details, reservations, entree choices, payment options, etc. Cost for this trip is $115.00 per person, with a discount for Honeoye Falls/Mendon Senior Taxpayers.


A View of The Falls
Rick Milne, Mayor-Honeoye Falls

The Village of Honeoye Falls Board of Trustees along with village staff have been working over the past 3 months on reviewing the village budget.  As it is each year this review includes working with our emergency services departments as well as the Highway/DPW along with gathering projections from outside sources which aids the village board in determining the financial requirements for the upcoming year, but equally important projecting future needs of the village both financially and for specific needs. 
Three budget workshops (open to the public) were scheduled and completed.  The budget is finished and prepared for public hearing scheduled for April 3, 2017 @ 6:00 PM.  This public hearing precedes the Annual Meeting which is scheduled for 6:30 PM.
While the Village continues to be fairly healthy financially; costs continue to rise specifically within our health care, workers comp. and retirement areas.  We have had to decrease the amount of funding that we have traditionally put into capital reserves which is concerning as that often means we will have to finance more equipment purchases rather than paying at time of purchase
The proposed village budget is available at the Village Office for review.  At this time, there is a projected 5.42% tax rate increase which will be used to offset the projected budget shortfalls.   This does not include any planned capital savings additions.  The stipend for the Village Mayor, currently the lowest in Monroe County, as well as the Village Trustees was not increased.  (The proposed increase on average would increase the tax payment on a property assessed at $150,000. by $16.62.  The increase to a property assessed at $200,000. would increase by $22.16.)
Questions regarding the Village Budget may be directed to the Village Office @ 624-1711 or the Mayor at ( and may be reviewed at the Village Office as well.   As a reminder, the public hearing to approve the village budget is Monday, April 3rd at 6:00 PM. 

Arbor Day

On April 28th The Village of Honeoye Falls Conservation Board partnered with the HF-L School District to celebrate Arbor day by planting a tree. Thank you to Mrs. Patton's 2nd grade class and Mrs. Huchthausen's 5th grade class for helping with this project and making this a wonderful event.

October 21, 2016

STREET LIGHT OUT? Here is a link to National Grids website to report online. Copy and Paste this link to your browser.